Literature: Publications & Awards

A reverse chronological collection of publications in literary magazines, as well as mentions, prizes, and awards received in poetry competitions.

Publication in Enchanted Garden, Issue 6: Urban Blossoms, February 2024

Selected by Mr. Lindsay in the 6th Basho-an International English Haiku Competition

Nyusen(Third Prize) (入 選) in the 28th International “Kusamakura” Haiku Competition

Publication in Einunddreißig Ausgabe 43, November 2023

Publication in the Nov/Dec 2023 Issue #18 of tsuri-dōrō – a small journal of haiku and senryū

In the 15th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest Selected Haiku Submissions Collection: PDF

Publication in the Swirling Sakura Haiku Challenge 2023 Booklet and on twitter

Publication in Chrysanthemum No. 30. April 2023

Publication in first frost #5 Spring 2023

Publication in hedgerow #141

Excellence award for foreign language tanka (外 国語短歌優秀賞) at the Fujisan Award (富士山大賞) 2022

Publications in the Autumn Moon Haiku Journal Volume 6:1, Autumn/Winter 2022-23

Publication in Lotosblüte 2022

Special selection of the 4th Morioka International Haiku Contest

Selected Haiku Submissions Collection of the 14th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest:

empty, vaulted sky
the blue of a butterfly
in a field of heat

cool summer forest
kneeling on a patch of moss
a tiny beetle

Runner-up of the Society of Classical Poets 2022 Haiku Competition:

lost in perfumed air
a small skipper is crossing
the wildflower sea

Publication in Einunddreißig Ausgabe 38, August 2022:

grau das Dorf
doch sickert Fensterlicht
in die alten Gärten
Abendkälte umschleicht
die Katzenpfade

2nd place runner-up at the 2nd Modern Kigo Project Competition ‘Spring Season’:

closing canopy
a dark butterfly is falling
through a sunfleck

Publication in tsuri-dōrō Issue #9 – May/June 2022:

evening meadow
my tired legs lead me
through birdsong

Twitter publication by the Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto on the occasion of the SAKURA (cherry blossom) Haiku Challenge:

cherry blossom frost
at long last, the winter melts
into a spring breeze

cherry blossoms fall
in a slow breeze, the night moths
around the lanterns

The Kyoto x Haiku Project’s Writing on the “Bird/Birds”/December 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022/Haiku of the world:

The selected haikus of “Bird/Birds” – December, 2021 to February, 2022

untended garden
bright daffodils and the calls
of blackbird fledglings

Second place at the 2021/2022 Hortensia Anderson Haiku Awards (aha):

sunset lake
a coot weaves a plastic straw
into its nest

Veröffentlichung im Haiku-Jahrbuch 2021: Quarantäne unter Sternen:

gewittrige Luft
Wolken türmen sich über
unserem Schweigen

Mention at the Fujisan Taisho Tanka Award 2021:

golden sunshine:
on the mountain slope bloom
hardy autumn plants—
a butterfly takes a rest
on a hiker’s wrinkled hand

International Honorary Mention at the Central Oregon Beekeeping Association’s 2021 COBKA Photo & Haiku Contest:

amid snow patches
crocuses fill with nectar
and the buzz of bees

Publication in the Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Volume 5:1, Autumn/Winter 2021-22:

fading wildflowers
deep in the dewy meadow
a new chrysalis

welkende Wildblumen
tief in der taufeuchten Wiese
ein neuer Kokon

Honorable mention in the 2. International Haiku Poetry Competition 🗃️ of the Pula Film Festival:

after the movie…
my goose bumps persist
in the harsh sunlight

Selected submission in the 13th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest 🗃️:

the depth of night:
cherry blossoms fall unseen
in the old yard

Sechster Platz beim Haiku-Preis 2021 von Haiku heute:

gewittrige Luft
Wolken türmen sich über
unserem Schweigen

Honourable mention in the Australian Haiku Society’s John Bird Dreaming Award for Haiku:

she sidesteps
my question

Publication in The Kyoto x Haiku Project:

these warbling voices:
cherry blossoms fall upon
songbirds and people

Mention in the haiku contest (Edition 2021) of Revista Haiku. (Revista HAIKU Nr. 65)

Parisian rains
a cosy café spills light
onto the pavement

On the list of the European top 100 haiku authors in 2020.

Publication in the Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Volume 4:1, Autumn-Winter 2020-2021:

gnarly tree
the apples are small and crooked yet so, so sweet

knorriger Baum
die Äpfel sind klein und krumm
doch so, so süss

Nyusen (Third Prize) (入選) in the 25th International “Kusamakura” Haiku Competition:

fleecy clouds
summer sheep are grazing
on a lush meadow

In the Selected Haiku Submissions Collection of the 12th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest:

old pond
from an egg cluster
hatch tadpoles

still dawn
only the wintry sound of her
brushing her hair

In the special selection of the 2nd Morioka International HAIKU Contest. See also this pdf and this longer document.

a murmuration
of starlings hurries south
I cut the last rose

Honorable Mention (入選) in the 74th Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest (英語の部):

perfumed air
a butterfly casts a shadow
on white flowers

Participation in the Haiku Postcard Project of Haiku Connects Us:

a wave of sparrows
flows through the icy air
thickly chirping

Honourable Mention in the International Haiku Contest on the Theme of the Gourds 2020 by The Haiku Association „Three Rivers“, The „Pumpkin Festival“, and The Tourist Board of Ivanić-Grad, Croatia:

between damp leaves
the song of the cricket
and melon flowers

Honourable Mention in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s 2019 Haiku Invitational:

I apologize
cherry blossoms tumble
into the river

In the Selected Haiku Submissions Collection of the 11th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest:

half-moon dusk
a murder of crows returns
to its nesting site

early bedtime
a thunderstorm’s noise
keeps me awake

Publication in the summer 2019 issue of the Akitsu Quarterly:

the darkness pink
rising sun

ever-blue noon
the heat condenses
on my skin

the cat is here
a blackbird tells me loudly
hot summer day

Publication in the spring 2019 edition of Cicada’s Cry:

arm in arm
the cherry trees meet above
a young couple

On the list of the European top 100 haiku authors in 2018.

Selected submission in the 10th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest in the category Division 1b: General Public (Non-Japanese applicants)

silent darkness
eats into the sinking sun
ripe peaches on the ground

Tokusen (Second Prize) in the 23rd International “Kusamakura” Haiku Competition in Kumamoto in the foreign language category:

shallow pond
the edges of winter

Publication in Eucalpyt 25:

motes of snow
dance in the cold air
beneath a caesious sky
a robin’s song

Publication in cattails April 2018:

dulcet light
drops into a puddle
buddleja rain

Publication in Einunddreißig Ausgabe 20, Februar 2018:

schweigende Stille
quillt süsslich in den Morgen
frisch gepflückte Narzissen
leuchten mit gelber Kälte

Honorable mention in Akita International Haiku Network’s 6th Japan–Russia Haiku Contest (English Section):

unmoored from home
drifting in nameless winds
cherry blossoms

Honorable mention in Akita International Haiku Network’s 5th Japan-Russia Haiku Contest 2016:

stars becloud the sky
powdery snowflakes vanish
in the night ocean

Publication in A Hundred Gourds 5:1:

reddening shadows
she folds october light
into paper cranes

Publication in Chrysanthemum Nr. 18:

der Reis im Schälchen
ebenso weiss

zenith sun
the rice in the bowl
just as white