Here are some personal projects which are experimenting either with (different) ways to navigate text or with generating text. In the former case by using shared words as links. In the latter case by remixing poems to create new poems, and by generating random and customizable metaphors from templates.

I'm also putting together some css patterns that serve both as inspiration and as a quick reference.

4, 24, 72 seasons is a project that displays and illustrates the current season of traditional East Asian calendars which divide the year into 24 and 72 seasons. Whereas the multi-calendar displays a broader range of seasons (on the northern hemisphere), including the phenological seasons.


I've compiled some of the poetry I've written that has been published on other sites or has been awarded a prize or a mention in a writing competition.

A florilegium is in this case a collection of interesting quotes from fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry. I've tried to include only quotes from works which are in the public domain.


Anki is a flash card app that I use to memorize all kinds of information. On Codecademy I'm doing coding classes in many different programming languages, on DataCamp I'm learning data science stuff, on Duolingo I'm doing language lessons in a couple of different natural languages, and on Khan Academy I'm doing a lot of different courses, ranging from mathematics, over computer science, biology, and economics, to art and history.


This website is built with pandoc (to convert markdown to html) and a series of scripts which together serve as a very basic kind of static site generator.

There are neither ads nor trackers in use on this website. The fonts that are used to style the text are not hosted on a third-party server but on the same server as the html, css, and images. There are some javascript libraries which are hosted on third-party server, i.e. on unpkg and on jsDelivr.

I've tried to keep the size of the site small, to abstain from using javascript wherever possible, and to create a responsive design with both a light and a dark theme. The latter for those who have enabled dark mode in their browser or on their device, and the former as a default option for those who prefer black on white text.

There is no search function as of yet.